We define tomorrow's standards. Today.

Always on the move, exploring untrodden paths together and shaping tomorrow today: supported by a team of 170 people in three European production sites as well as by three types of outstanding preprint technology, we are now at the forefront of the preprint market for high-quality printed corrugated packaging in Europe.

As technology pioneers, we helped the corrugated cardboard industry enter a new preprint era in 2017 — with the installation of the HP PageWide T1100S, the world's largest multi-lane digital web press. At Ilsenburg, we now print on three of the largest, most advanced presses in the market: the HP PageWide T1100S web press and two of the biggest, most modern CI flexo presses in the world. In Northeim, Lower Saxony, and at our French site of Garancières, we use state-of-the-art Belt printing technology. Based on a unique constellation of technology and service performance, our total printing capacity reaches 450 million m² per year.

»We define tomorrow's standards. Today. « That's the vision we live by. Constantly opening up more opportunities than anyone would expect — that's part of our personality. Our talent for constant change helps us define excellence for tomorrow's preprint market today.

It's the people behind Christiansen Print who are shaping such changes. By contributing fresh and new ideas, by thinking outside the box, by reinventing workflow and digital processes and by giving our cooperation with customers the optimum personal touch.

Transparency, mutual respect and trust are the cornerstones of our relationships and partnerships. Openness is the key to our innovative thinking and acting. Together we can move the preprint market, keep our leading position and secure our common success as well as superb career prospects full of opportunities for you to shape your personal future.

More opportunities than you'd expect.


We are a socially committed company and we primarily demonstrate solidarity with the younger members of society. Our goals are: giving children a better start in life and the conditions for it, promoting personal responsibility and enabling potential — to secure our common future. That's why we fund a variety of social projects fostering children and their talents. Whether it is the junior football club of FC Ilsenburg where many of our employees' children kick around a ball or the "Verein für krebskranke Kinder Harz e.V.", a child cancer charity from the Harz region.


We're setting new standards in sustainable health promotion with our occupational health management system (BGM). We have recently been awarded the prevention price by our employers' liability insurance association. Twice a week we offer in-house individual and group training run by a qualified fitness instructor. The cost involved and 50% of the time invested by staff in their health is covered by Christiansen Print. And whoever trains once a month can get a good deal on a personal gym membership.


Encouraging people and enabling potential: At Christiansen Print, all doors are open for you and for your career and personal development. As a beginner, you can gather practical experience. As a skilled worker, you can take advantage of a whole range of further education and advancement opportunities, e.g. qualify as a master craftsman if you are a print media technologist. Go places — and see a lot of the global preprint world of the European market leader.


We strongly believe in personal responsibility — for each of us. Flat hierarchies, clear corporate structures, individual recognition and a healthy, holistically designed working environment are motivating and beneficial to all.


We have an entirely new way of dealing with processes and communication. Our cloud-based, fully digital process control does not only integrate common data and systems. It makes it possible for all of us – employees and customers, business partners and production sites alike – to be connected with each other in a digital workflow. In a simple and understandable way, To cross boundaries, make a difference and free our minds.


Together we can reach our goals. We can rely on three different types of technology plus the know-how of our specialists in three different sites. Shared experience, mutual support: these are the most valuable resources we have when it comes to creating synergies and acting in a way that is consistently solution- and customer-centric. They make us who we are: Europe's leading specialist in packaging printing.

Our sites

Our Team in Ilsenburg Germany
Germany: Ilsenburg

In the heart of Europe, we use two of the world's largest, cutting-edge central impression flexographic presses in parallel as well as the biggest multi-lane web digital press currently available for corrugated packaging — that's a daily output of 930,000 m². In addition, we operate an 800-m² warehouse for finished goods where we can store up to 400 reels.

Our Team in Garancières France
France: Garancières

In Garancières, near Paris, we rely on the world's most advanced Belt printing technology to complete jobs of up to 4,500 mm print length. The printing process being continuous and the set-up times minimal, this technology is also perfect for producing short runs cost-effectively.

Our Team in Northeim Germany
Germany: Northeim

State-of-the-art Belt printing technology allows maximum flexibility in print size and formats - up to 4,500 mm in length. At our Northeim site in Lower Saxony, there are 500,000 m² running off the Belt-Line on two machines every day, which means a production volume of 110 million m² per year.




We’re always focused to the point.

Extremely alert. In the here and now, we are aware of the task at hand and of its challenges. Our passion is to get to the core of things: just experience how simple and efficient preprint can be!!

We make a difference and bring about change.

We are unbiased and open-minded. We know no limits to possibilities and options. We define excellence to create the ideal framework for outstanding performance. This is the way we cultivate a new quality of thinking and acting at every moment in time.

We never stop amazing you.

Understanding tomorrow as early as today helps us define seemingly unattainable goals, pave the way ahead of us and venture through this journey together. That's how we can exceed all expectations.

We cultivate long-term relationships.

To us, high personal responsibility and commitment are elementary. Reliable, fair, loyal: we rely on transparency and trust. Always eye-to-eye with our business partners, we enjoy the dialogue with all of them. Aware that a WE can achieve more than an I, we cannot be satisfied until everyone else is.


No suitable job around?
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