Starting an apprenticeship as a print media technologist at Europe's leading specialist in packaging printing.

Whoever comes to Christiansen Print to work on a trial basis will notice the difference right away: What matters here are interest, motivation, commonsense, initiative and harmony in the team. Newcomers settle in quickly even if they haven't been here long. Many things are different here; everybody is on first-name terms — even with the boss.

Print media technologist is an occupation of the future that involves varied tasks. This qualification has only existed since 2011 when it was first officially recognised. During your apprenticeship you'll learn to set up high-tech presses, prepare job files, mix ink colours, control and monitor the entire printing process using different printing methods. But it's not only the technical side of the job which is exciting: you need good colour vision, but also the ability to pitch in where necessary. Precision, care as well as an eye for detail to check printed images are essential, too.

To understand the big picture, i.e. the processes within the company, it helps to know what a good job your colleagues are doing. It improves teamwork and leads to top-notch final results: because, in your work, you'll be paying attention to things that may affect other departments or shifts.
That's why, during your apprenticeship, you'll have the chance to get to know all our business areas, such as planning, purchasing and logistics: all the processes we need day in and day out until the extremely heavy printed paper reels leave our facilities to be converted into premium corrugated cardboard by our customers worldwide to deliver visually appealing packaging.

There are plenty of further education and advancement opportunities for print media technologists who have completed their apprenticeship. For example, you can take the "master craftsman's exam in print media" or qualify as "a technician in print and media technology". At Christiansen Print, you can take part in the introduction of cutting-edge technologies and go a long way: working for a global player means that your job prospects are global, too.


Learning something new every day.

When I first heard of print media technologist as a job, I didn't know anything about it, but after a trial day at Christiansen Print, I just loved it! I was surprised how big the company and the machines are and still how relaxed the work atmosphere is here: Everybody is friendly and helpful; they support and encourage me in every situation. For me, every day is exciting, not only because I keep learning new things, but also because I understand the processes and relationships better with each passing day.

Fabien Schneevoigt In his first year of apprenticeship as a print media technologist


Learning is fun and teamwork, too!

I had trained as a retail salesman and fancied a career change. Training here as a print media technologist was definitely the right decision. My job is really varied and I can't imagine a better team. Everybody is very open-minded and the work atmosphere is great. Personally, I have become much more independent and now have my own flat. After my apprenticeship I'd like to stay with Christiansen Print and my new colleagues: there are good progression opportunities here — for a trained printer, too!

Daniel Thiel In his first year of apprenticeship as a print media technologist

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Training at Christiansen Print


Michael Herbst, Northeim: a preprint and horsepower enthusiast

Michael Herbst

As an apprentice at our Northeim site in 1978 and now as a committed instructor since 1998, Michael Herbst is a preprint specialist who has come up through the ranks. He began his career as an apprentice in packaging machinery. As a machine operator on Belt presses, he was actively involved in the further development of Belt-printing technology in the 90s: "Working on a test press that had the latest servo motor and drive technology at the time was very exciting indeed. “

Now a master in industrial printing and a health and safety consultant, Michael Herbst has been Northeim's production manager since 2007. Cooperating with others, listening and motivating — that's where he is in his element: "Together we can find solutions to problems in production and in technology. I just don't know the word can't! “

Training young people to become skilled workers is a matter close to his heart: it is essential to challenge young people but also to stand up for their interests. "Accept the challenge, hold out and be open-minded! “, that's the message he gives to his apprentices. Success proves him right: Northeim has already produced a regional and even a national winner in flexo printing and print media technology.

In his spare time, too Michael Herbst enjoys working on powerful engines with plenty of horsepower: he restores LANZ hot-bulb tractors, a passion he shares with his son. "We've already got six vintage tractors from the years 1933 to 1950 running in our collection! “

Norbert Kranz, Ilsenburg: the youngest instructor on our team.

Norbert Kranz

Although Norbert Kranz, born in 1984, is the youngest instructor on our team, he can already boast ten years' experience in preprint!

After passing his A-levels, he completed an apprenticeship in flexographic/label printing in a record time and joined our Ilsenburg site immediately afterwards. It was back in 2008 — and Christiansen Print had only been in existence for three years.
"It was my vocational teacher who gave me the idea“, Norbert remembers. "He told me: "As a flexo printer, you should aim to get a job at Christiansen Print!" What he meant by that was the huge flexo press with a whole new technology that was unique in Europe at the time. That's something I surely couldn't find around the corner. “

Norbert Kranz has never missed any key event — and certainly not the installation of our »HP PageWide T1100S« web press, the world's largest digital preprint system! He knows so much about various future technologies that he was eager to pass on that knowledge. That's why he decided to qualify as an instructor in 2017.

Today he enjoys supporting and encouraging young skilled workers individually, like he himself experienced it at Christiansen Print: "You always get support, you can develop your own initiative and go your own way.“

In his spare time, Norbert supports the FC Magdeburg football club and even holds a personal seat licence for their matches. And when he really wants to relax, he just goes fishing!

Sascha Vorlop, Ilsenburg: the motivator.

Sascha Vorlop

Born in 1976, Sascha Vorlop began his career at Christiansen Print — his first employer — in August 2005.
Back then, the skilled packaging mechanic and his new Ilsenburg colleagues had a huge challenge to deal with — in the true sense of the word: commissioning and managing initial print jobs on the first »Fischer & Krecke 96S/8« press, the world's largest and most advanced CI flexo press at the time. "It was absolutely exciting and highly motivating and such a good feeling to get the whole thing going together“, Sascha remembers.

Today, after more than 10 years of flexo and digital print experience, Sascha Vorlop is an all-round specialist who has consistently worked his way up: appointed shift manager in 2007 , he has trained Christiansen Print's apprentices ever since. After qualifying as an industrial master of digital and print media, he has been heading production at Christiansen Print since 2011.

In his spare time, Sascha loves meeting sports challenges on mountain bike or Carrera car racing tracks!


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